For Sellers

Whether you buy or sell a home, the services of a qualified, experienced and well respected real estate professional can save you time and money. Russell & Ward Realty Corporation was founded in 1981. We specialize in the resale of residential and commercial property in the central neighbourhoods of Toronto.

Listing Your Home FOR SALE

The selling process begins in determining a reasonable asking price for your property. We will evaluate your property, and submit to you our opinion of value in addition to a current market analysis of similar properties in your area. With this information, we will discuss and establish a proper listing price for your home.

The next step in listing your home for sale is the Listing Agreement. This is a contract between you, the Seller, and Russell & Ward Realty Corporation, which gives us authority to find a suitable purchaser for your home. The duration of the listing agreement is indicated in the contract, and the compensation is specified. This agreement also sets out the listing price, and accurately describes the property for sale including; lot size, building size, building style and materials, floor areas, heating/cooling systems, room sizes and descriptions, property taxes, financial conditions of the property and inclusions and exclusions.

We will disburse information about your property to other real estate agents through the Multiple Listing Service or MLS. We belong to the Toronto Real Esate Board, North America's largest full service real estate board, with membership of over 21,000 agents.

When your listing is placed on the Toronto Multiple Listing Service, information about your property is shared with all other realtors accessing the database, allowing all realtors the opportunity to view your property's information. The information reaches many of the real estate professionals. We also advertise your property to the public through newspapers and the Internet.

Preparing your property for market 4

As part of our commitment to you, we will establish a marketing strategy for your home to ensure that your property is properly exposed to as many potential buyers as possible. We may recommend repairs or cosmetic work that will significantly enhance the attractiveness of your property.

Below is a short list of recommendations to get you started in preparing your home for sale:


First Impressions

Evaluate the exterior of your home. Does your home have a good "curb appeal" to a buyer driving the area? Do you need some colourful plants?

Maintain your yard and discard all waste. Make sure the front walkway is swept and clear of any debris. The front entrance should be clean , as it is the first place the buyer sees. Bulbs and lamp fixtures should look clean and be in working order.


Lighten it Up!

Arrange shades and drapes to give maximum light. Turn lights on, even during the day. Replace all burned out light bulbs.


Small Repairs, Big Difference

Loose knobs, sticking and squeaking doors and windows, warped cabinet drawers, badly cracked plaster and other minor flaws lessen home value. Have them fixed.



Faded walls and worn woodwork reduce appeal. One of the best investments when you are selling a house is a fresh coat of paint.


Organize Clutter

Neat, well ordered closets show storage space is ample. Remove all unnecessary accumulations from closets, garage and all rooms. Remove excess furniture.


Create Atmosphere

Cleanliness attracts buyers. For special showings and open houses, fresh cut flowers are a special touch and show the pride you have in your home.


Viewing Privacy

Whenever possible, give potential buyers privacy when being shown through a house. They will feel more relaxed. If it is necessary for you or your family members to stay, please don't force conversation or discuss terms, price, etc. Apologies should also not be made for any problem areas in your home. It only emphasizes the defects. If the potential buyers have any questions, let them know your agent would be happy to answer them.

It is part our job.


Reasonable Access

  Please let us know where you can be reached and anytime you will not be in town or available for showing or presentations. We will always call you with as much notice to make appointments. Our office responds to calls throughout the day and late evening.

Russell & Ward Realty agrees to provide a creative, full-service, personalized promotional approach to marketing your listing.

  We will:

  1. Prepare a customized marketing plan, which will include advertising in local and/or national newspapers on a scheduled basis.
  2. Place a FOR SALE sign on the property with details directing buyers to our website at
  3. Arrange digital photography of your property.
  4. Prepare a full-colour, professionally designed Property Brochure, ready for distribution within the first few days
    of the listing term.
  5. Place your property on the Toronto Real Estate Board website and, serving over 21,000 agents.
  6. Hold a Broker's Open House to assure maximum exposure to the area's realtors. On an agreed upon basis, hold open houses with corresponding ads in the local and/or national newspapers, including announcements in our email newsletter and on our website at
  7. Where appropriate, promote your property through Russell & Ward Realty listed postcards, distributed throughout the area.
  8. Create extensive property exposure at including the ability to view property details, schedule a viewing, and download a property brochure.
  9. Send your property brochure, photos, and open house information to Buyers and Agents through a Russell & Ward email newsletter.
  10. Network with other realtors on a regular basis, by telephone or email.
  11. Present your property to past, present and future buyers interested in your type of property, area or price range.
  12. Assist you in financing and closing procedures.
  13. Keep you informed regarding showings, inquiries, advertising and overall activity of the property.